When the sun is shining you want the rays to shine through your windows in your office. You can't do that if they are dirty. Our professionals are here to make your day brighter by letting the sun come through. Our professionals know how to treat you right with sparkling clean windows so bright you will have to wear shades. 3B Commercial Cleaning & Floorcare LLC uses a method that will leave your windows streak free and will leave no hard minerals or water spots. Our Cleaners will show up in a marked van and will be uniformed; they have had background checks to make our customers feel secure. Our company is licensed and fully insured to make our customers feel even more at ease. We provide multiple services to help your office all year round. We ensure a scrubbing method before we use the squeegee to make certain to remove all grime, dirt, and any airborne contaminants. The squeegee will remove 99.99% of the dirt from the pores of your window and the crew will finish off by cleaning the window seals and window ledges. Our professionals will explain why having your windows cleaned twice a year will leave the window pores empty of debris and will make your windows last longer. 3B Commercial Cleaning & Floorcare LLC will leave you with a bright and happy workplace