Students are highly susceptible to illness-causing germs, and we believe in protecting our children, young adults and teachers in an environment where there are so many high touch areas. Our professionals understand that your children are there to learn and by using our sanitizing techniques and hospital grade products, we can eliminate 99.97% of those germs. This will reduce the risk of illness and give your children the high quality learning experience they deserve. 3B Commercial Cleaning & Floorcare goes above and beyond to make sure your children, young adults and teachers are safe from germs on water fountains, restroom, lights switches, and all other high touch areas to ensure our quality products are highly effective. Our professional cleaner can handle any size task or type of cleaning problem and will leave it sparking clean. Our professionals understand parents judge their schools based on appearance and cleanliness and we are here for you to do just that-clean and disinfect. We can also use electrostatic disinfecting spray with Clorox 360 in case of flu or other virus outbreaks. Our professionals also know that hand hygiene is especially important and can help promote hand sanitizing with hand sanitizing dispenser and refills for all high traffic teacher and student area.