3B Commercial Cleaning & floorcare is committed to all our commercial customers' needs. Whether your needs are a high-rise office tower or a small office, we are the ones for you. Our professionals will set you up on the correct plan just to suit your needs and to keep your carpets looking prestigious and extend out the life of your carpet reducing replacement costs. They will minimize the disruption of your work environment by choosing a schedule after hours and weekends to ensure drying time to help reduce bacteria growth. We will keep your high traffic areas clean and attractive and this will be noticed as soon as you walk in your doors. This will in return protect your carpets from damage with preventive cleaning and maintenance. Regular maintenance will kill all the contaminants and dust mites in your carpets and reduce allergens and asthma within your workplace. We can also deodorize your carpets and add a stain-resistant protective coating to help keep your carpets looking like new. Our professionals will show up on time with a professional attitude ready to show off our truly exceptional services. They are prepared for the most rigorous of jobs to help you keep a smile on your face because you are proud of the environment you work in.