3B Commercial Cleaning & Floorcare LLC understands the needs of a smooth workflow and providing a low-cost service for our taxpayers. Our professionals are trained to understand the size and needs of government buildings such as offices, public restrooms, conference rooms, and many other facilities found in public buildings. We know the amount of people who enter your building in one day and the cleaning needed to make certain your building is safe from the harmful bacteria that can enter your doors. 3B Commercial Cleaning LLC & Floorcare takes pride in providing clean and disinfected areas for you to work in. We also offer green products in many areas to help the environment. Our office cleaners are the best at what they do in and are committed to leaving you with a clean environment and quality results. Restrooms are a priority; we understand that they are high traffic areas with a higher possible of spreading germs and bacteria. We understand the importance of the secure cleanliness at these facilties. Our professionals have also been through a background check to make sure you feel safe and gain government clearance. 3B Commercial Cleaning is here for all your cleaning and floorcare needs to help you keep your workplace clean. A clean workplace is a safe workplace.